About Us

As a mother of two, and a woman with a deeply entrenched entrepreneurial spirit, I have worked steadfastly to build businesses that are a true reflection, and integration, of the things that I am most passionate about: Family, design, and most importantly, assisting others in achieving their needs and feeling their best.

Over the past few years, and with the departure of both of my daughters to University, I often found myself reminiscing on the days when they were little girls, and missing the teenage years. As I watched pregnant mothers pass me by, I wished that I, too, could once again experience the life-changing and life-affirming joy that was ahead of them.  

Initially silencing this yearning, I continued to focus my efforts on growing a unique and enduring relationship with design. I travelled extensively around the world, attending trade shows and countless seminars, all while establishing wonderful relationships with the best names and players in the design industry.  However, the more I travelled and learned on my buying trips, the more I was confronted with my profound passion for children, families and friends.  With each show, I found myself progressively gravitating toward the abundance of children’s items that I came across. Was it simply baby fever that I was experiencing, or was it something more? Something unexpected, and magnificent? 

It was not until a trip to Milan in May 2015 that the answer to this question came to me.

The intention of this particular trip was to distinguish trends in the European market, and to find and bring home luxurious furniture items to my existing clients… However, this wasn’t all that I ended up returning to Canada with! By happenstance, my husband and I came across a Kids and Teens furniture concept that immediately caught our attention, and we decided to extend our trip to meet with the overarching parent company, Alfemo, in Izmir, Turkey. As we toured the expansive 2 million square foot manufacturing facility of Alfemo, I was blown away by not only the product designs, but also with the exceptional quality, hygiene and environmental standards by which this company operated. I truly felt as if fate had led me to this place, and that this magical visit was the answer to my longstanding dream for unifying design with my love for children and teens...

Today, as we open the doors to our Kids&Teens showroom, we offer a unique, uplifting and bright experience to all who visit.  From the moment your family walks into the store, you will be greeted by our lovable mascot “Alfemo the Giraffe”, who stands tall, waiting for an inviting hug or hello.  Once you pass Alfemo, you will find 16 vignettes filled with collective furniture bedroom sets, and exclusive accessories, specially selected to compliment your space. Equipped with a Disney-license, our store also offers a number of bedsteads that will allow for the characters of classic films, such as Frozen, Cars, Planes and Spiderman, to jump off of the screen and into the rooms of your little ones. For those collections that you do not see, but may be interested in, you can head to our website to browse through many other products. 

For teens, we offer a selection of bedroom sets, such as Campus and Siena, that are suitable for any young person who is looking to create a space that embodies their own sense of style.

For interested parents and grandparents, our store provides a “Disney” playroom, furnished with children’s educational toys and movies played on the Disney Channel, which will allow your child to have an experience that is all their own, while you walk around.

My time spent time travelling, learning, and curating exclusive products has resulted in two fundamental objectives. The first, places value on bringing together people, their ideas, as well as products from around the globe. The second is building a company, with clients and employees, who understand and share in the love that I feel for Kids&Teens.

We are committed to you, our clients, and to our mission of ‘Delivering the Dream’.

I welcome you to Kids&Teens by Alfemo.


President of Kids&Teens by Alfemo.

Alfemo Canada is a designer inspired Canadian company that specialises in the importing and wholesaling of Disney themed furniture and a wide range of specialty accessories for bed and living rooms. The company is based in Ontario and strategically aligned with a significant marketing and distribution network.

The Disney licensed furniture is designed and manufactured in Europe with complete themed bedroom sets of Spiderman, Cars, Frozen and Planes as well as bed room sets themed for the budding Ballerina or would be Sailor of the house.

The range of accessories from Pillows to Lamps, Rugs to Artwork have all been carefully selected by leading interior designers and are sourced from North American manufacturers. These items are sure to modernize and beautify any home.

Alfemo distribute our products through a drop shipment arrangements with a few selected national retailers, and we do offer our product direct to the public through our on line point of sale.

For questions regarding our products, or for retailers wanting to list our products please contact johna@alfemocanada.com; for all other enquires please go to sales@alfemocanada.com;

We are located at 2285 Wyecroft Road Oakville Ontario. (905) 399-2223